Video Conference Interpreters?

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Interpreting, Translation Services

Top reasons to consider using video conferencing or a webinar for your next meeting

1. Cost and time efficiency

With video conferencing or webinars you only need about an hour in the most to allow everyone to log into their account, and settle in for the ‘meeting’. There is no need for travelling, no need for hotels.

Even when you decide to procure a dedicated web hosting service provider for your conferencing needs, the cost difference between physical meetings and video/web meetings is incomparable.

2. Training made easier

In companies where employees  are needed to perform their duties actively, finding the time to stop all work processes to attend training meetings is not feasible. Video conferencing allows employees to be trained in their own time and with the same information.

3. Improved customer services

To be able to provide good customer service concerns need to be addressed promptly after a complaint is initiated  by a client. The constraints of time and physical location can make it hard or impossible to give clients the kind of attention and immediate response they deserve.

But with video conferencing, customer service personnel can be reached in real time and be able to sort out clients complaints.

Information is also shared more easily, with document sharing. Reports, documents, PowerPoint presentations, can all be made available and  that ensures that everyone is on the same page as the presenter. This availability of the  material in real time and without the need for photocopies, saves money, time and it’s good for the environment.

By adding remote interpretation services to video conferences and webinars, with the addition of  interpreters, this allows guests, employees, customers of different nationalities and locations to interact and share information.