Our Promise

You can rely on Language Marketplace for all your business translation and interpretation requirements.

  • to provide you with high quality interpretation services.  
  • to provide the lowest rates in the industry based on the level of service we provide! We offer volume discounts, customized detailed billing, and complete data collection – no charge. 
  • that all Language Marketplace interpreters abide by a Professional Code of Ethics set by professional associations around the world. This implies full confidentiality and non-disclosure of client information. 
  • To provide only Interpreters who are professional, accredited, and knowledgeable. All our interpreters work full-time in this field and are assessed on a regular basis.
  • to make sure that changing service providers is completely seamless. Whatever method you are currently using for booking your interpreters, we can accommodate you and we may even simplify things. You may request the service of an interpreter via fax, phone, or e-mail. Contact us for information. 
  • to assign an Account Coordinator to your account once we start working with you. This person will be your contact regarding any future requirements as well. You will always be able to contact your Account Coordinator with any questions that you may have. 

Our Guiding Principles 

Language Marketplace has four core quality management principles that guide our company values: 

  • Prevention Over Inspection 
  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Management Responsibility 


Our promise of excellence includes being CGSB & ISO 17100 certified!  

CGSB & ISO 17100 Certified

ISO 17100 certification is a quality standard developed especially for translation services providers to ensure the consistent quality of their services. Published in 2015 by ISO, this standard is gaining acceptance worldwide. 

Specifically, the ISO 17100 standard aims to unify the terminology used in the translation field, define basic minimum requirements for quality translation language services, and create a framework for the interaction between customers and service providers in terms of their rights and obligations. 

Compliance with this standard involves a systematic approach to service provisions (as with ISO 9001), with continuous improvement mechanisms. It requires regular audits by a certification body. There are also provisions specific to translation such as the choice and testing of translators and the combination of services that ensure a quality translation. 

Secure Translation Services

Confidentiality and security is important to many of our clients. In addition to soft security measures, we also have many hard measures in place: 

  • Fireproof cabinets and a secured server room 
  • Dual security systems on premises 
  • Portal System with North American server storage and firewall protection 
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with all employees and contractors


Services in Over 140 Languages of the World!

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