The Vital Role of Interpreters in Canadian Schools

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

Are you looking to have more parental involvement and inclusivity in your schools?

We know you just shouted “YES!” at the top of your lungs after reading that question and followed that up with “but, how?”, especially with the school seasons just around the corner.

The answer is simply to bring interpretation into your schools today! Now don’t panic, we can help you with this! But first let’s dive into the incredible benefits of having consecutive or simultaneous interpreters in your schools.

Increase Parental Involvement

Parent-teacher meetings can be crucial to a student’s development at school. It keeps the parents in the loop, creates strong communication and allows them to become a team to support the student. With interpretation available, it allows parents who may not be proficient in English or French to actively participate in their student’s education. Having the option for interpretation for those who need it will strength the home-school connection and increase collaboration. Although it is important for the parents to receive interpretation, it’s also very valuable for the students as well.

Inclusive Education & Equal Opportunities

Having access to interpretation enables students who are non-native English or French speakers to fully participate in the educational environment. Equal access for students to information, lessons, and other events at the school is crucial to leveling the playing field for all students. For example, with simultaneous interpretation students can get real-time translation during presentations, lectures and assemblies allowing them to understand what’s going on without delays. This helps promote inclusivity, engagement and ensures that language barriers do not hinder student’s access to education.

Positive School Environment

One of the most important things about school asides from the education is the culture. Students thrive when they are in a culture that is inclusive and engaging. Having access to interpretation allows students to see that linguistic identities are respected and supported. This allows students, parents and even teachers to feel empowered and valued within the school environment.

Hiring An Interpretation Service

 We know that the benefits of interpretation in the school are top notch. From increased parental involvement, inclusive education, equal opportunities, and a positive school environment, you can’t go wrong with this investment.

Language Marketplace has worked with 13 different school boards across the province, including the Ottawa Catholic School board and the Durham District School Board. We have offer competitive rates with special offers depending on your needs. Our professional interpreters are available for 24/7 service and ready to help bring inclusivity into the school systems.

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