The Impact of Interpretation in Call Centres

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Call centres play a pivotal role in today’s customer-centric businesses. They serve as the front lines of customer service, support, and engagement for businesses of all different sizes. Unfortunately, the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse customer base can be a challenging task, especially if you operate nation or worldwide. This is where interpretation comes into play, offering numerous benefits that can elevate the performance and efficiency of your call centre. In this post we will explore how interpretation can be used for your call centre and the significant advantages it brings to the table for your business.

Multilingual Support

One of the most obvious benefits of interpretation in call centres it the ability to provide multilingual support. This is especially important when your customer demographic contains many different primary languages. Customers will be more likely to engage and trust your company when you communicate with them in their preferred language. Being able to break down language barriers allows you to cater to global clientele and increase your customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Problem Resolution

No matter what type of call centre you have, effective communication is going to be at the heart of customer satisfaction. When customers express their needs and concerns in their native language, it leads to a more positive experience. Removing the barrier that allows someone to communicate their wants and needs effectively is a win for everyone, especially your clients.

More importantly, we all know that hiccups happen. There can be tech issues, product issues or anything else that can impact the clients experience in a negative way. When this happens it’s not always a simple explanation or solution. Having interpretation available allows your staff to explain the situation so the customer can understand and allows the customer to communicate their concerns effectively. When your call centre agents can fully understand the situation, they are able to address the problem efficiently, reduce misunderstandings and improve problem resolution rates.

When your problem resolution is on point with high customer satisfaction, your customers are more likely to remain loyal, look past minor service hiccups and even recommend your business to others.

Market Expansion

Expanding the marketing in which you target for business isn’t always the easiest thing. There is a lot to consider when it comes to your target market, but a lot of that can be mitigated by simply adding in interpretation. Imagine being able to reach a global market without any language barriers and being able to impact more lives. Interpretation allows you to tap into new markets and customer segments by providing support in various languages.

Compliance & Legal Requirements

It’s no secret that today being inclusive is what helps you have greater impact on the world. In fact, in some call centre industries there are regulations that mandate the provision of having services in multiple different languages. This is to ensure that everyone who may use your call centre has equal access to support. Bringing interpretation into your call centre will allow you to remain in compliance and maintain all legal requirements preventing potential legal issues and penalties

Hiring Interpreters for Your Call Centre

With the opportunity to increase your market, customer satisfaction and inclusivity, adding interpreters to your call centre should be a no brainer at this point. But in case the above didn’t convince you, let’s talk about a few more benefits that Language Marketplace can provide you with their interpreters.

First things first, we are cost efficient. We offer competitive rates that will help you take your call centre to the next level. Working with you to find the best possible package is our top priority to ensure your budget needs are met.

Second, our interpreters are available 24/7. There is no need to wait for an interpreter when you need them. We offer real-time assistance to ensure that your agents get what they need, and your customers are satisfied with every interaction.

Finally, we are dedicated to helping you reach a wider audience and have top notch customer service with integrity and inclusivity.

We have worked with companies such as Whole Foods, Blackline Safety, Public Health Ontario, and Public Health Agency of Canada. Is your company next?

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