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Do you need instant on-demand telephone interpreting services for your organization or business? 

Language Marketplace provides easily accessible verbal language translation services at competitive rates.

Our advanced telecommunications technology records connection times to provide you with accurate billing. Call recording is available for all calls, upon request.

We currently offer Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Chinese, and Portuguese, just to name some of the 110 languages we offer. For those organizations working from the French language, we offer on-demand telephone translation services in over 40 languages!

Our on-demand telephone interpretation services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our average connection time is 45 seconds! Connection to our services is easy. Simply call our toll-free number, anywhere within North America, to access our telephone interpreting service.

In today’s multicultural, multi-lingual world, effective on-demand communication is key to maintaining a global business environment. Language Marketplace’s instant on-demand telephone interpreting services (often referred to as Instant Translation) provides a cost-effective strategy for all your on-demand telephone interpretation needs. It’s also an excellent means of communicating with a non-English speaking customer or employee.

Setting up an account is fast and simple. 

There is no special equipment needed or installation required. 

On-Demand Translation Services:

  • Trained Professionals
  • Standardized Interpreting  
  • Easy to Set Up 
  • 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day 

All you need is a phone with speaker-phone capabilities.  

Ask us how to set-up an account and start communicating instantly! 

Language Marketplace provides on demand translation services in many languages including from French into English and from English into French. In addition, we provides services in over 100 other language combinations.

Visit our languages page to learn what languages are available. 


As one of the fastest growing translation and interpretation services providers in North America, we can help you with all you communication needs, on-demand, over the phone. We literally “empower” you to speak any language in seconds, 24/7 365 days per year.

Call us at 1-888-294-3032 to see how fast, easy, and cost-effectively you can get started. 

Strong Values Build Strong Relationships


All Interpreters are professional, accredited, and knowledgeable


Our friendly, respectful, and professional interpreters are available 24/7


Competitive pricing! Volume discounts and detailed billing


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting available


Your dialogue is never shared unless required by law


Unbiased interpretation, maintaining message intent and integrity

Helping You Communicate

Each of our trained professional interpreters live and work in North America.  

They specialize in; medical, legal, social services, health, and other Government and corporate services such as call centers. Our process is easy and efficient, and timely. 

Pricing Structure

Our rates for Over the Phone (OPI) Interpreting or Instant Translators are based on per minute usage and are the most competitive in the industry.

We offer low yearly fees for companies wanting this service available for emergencies and volume usage discounts for those needing more. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

Services in Over 140 Languages of the World!

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