Further Your Language Interpretation Career With Simultaneous Interpretation Training

Language services is a competitive marketplace and the best interpreters know they need to keep learning and improving. Continual development is key to your career success, especially if you’re just beginning your journey as a professional interpreter.  

The Language Marketplace Simultaneous Interpretation Training Program was created for individuals who are already proficient at community translation and are looking to add simultaneous interpretation skills to their resume. 

Upon completion of the Simultaneous Interpretation Training Program, you’ll be able to perform introductory level simultaneous interpreting and whispered simultaneous interpreting from English to the other language in a group setting. You’ll also gain invaluable experience verbally translating across different settings via real-world simulations that replicate the challenges of live interpretation.

And you’ll even have the opportunity to make money while training with 40 hours of paid internship built into the program. 

The course uses hands-on exercises, practical training, simulations, and online lessons to ensure students learn and retain all the information they need to build a successful career in language services. The skills acquired pave the way for participants to move up the career ladder, establish their own freelance businesses, or simply make their resume more attractive to potential employers.

What Does The Course Involve?


The course takes place over a period of two consecutive days, with a total of 16 hours on-site training, split between online lessons and instructor-led role-playing exercises to develop interpreting skills. 

Additional training includes 56 hours of internship in the field – 40 of which will be paid so you can earn as you learn.

The course focuses on developing not just simultaneous interpreting skills, but also technical know-how with instruction on interpretation equipment and technology. You’ll learn how to manage technical challenges during interpretation so you can be comfortable in any environment.

Expect to master simultaneous interpretation techniques, including shadowing, paraphrasing, and summarizing. You’ll then get a chance to practice your new skills interpreting in various scenarios such as conferences, meetings, and interviews.

Aside from learning the techniques, technology, and application of simultaneous interpreting, students will also receive guidance on basic accounting principles, the Interpreter Code of Ethics, and how to effectively market yourself as a professional interpreter.

Evaluation and Accreditation

Students are supported throughout the program with detailed course materials and online resources. You’ll also receive continual feedback from expert instructors who will monitor and mentor you throughout.

Evaluations are done through tests, practical assessments, and feedback from the participant’s hands-on internship. Once these are passed, students receive a Simultaneous Interpretation Certificate of Completion to acknowledge their proficiency. 

How Do I Apply?


Ready to invest in your future and unlock more career opportunities? 

Enrollment is now open for the Simultaneous Interpretation Training Program. This course is suitable for individuals based in Ottawa or the GTA who are legally able to work in Canada. Synchronous online learning will also be available for students across Canada.

To apply, simply fill out the application form and upload your CV here.