Tok Pisin, the Language of Papua New Guinea

by | May 31, 2017 | Languages

Tok Pisin is one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea.

As I prepare to climb the Carstensz Pyramide in the Fall of 2017, I have started to make myself I cheat chit to travel with.

Tok Pisin is a form of Melanesian Pidgin English which was established in the early 1800’s as a result of increased travel and economic activity between the Melanesians and Europeans. Tok Pisin is still used today as one of the most dominant and universal languages in the country of Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is a country that is said to have over over 800 languages still in existence, Tok Pisin is an integral part of communication for almost all native citizens.

I now have memorize a few key phrases, such as:

Good Morning = Gut monin.

Good Night = Gut nait.

Have a great day = Gat wanpela gut tumas de.

Woman = miri

Man = man

Wife = misis

Husband =  maritman

Know = save ( pronounced : sav). I found this word interesting because it is spelled as our English ‘save’ word, which means keep or reserve, but it is pronounced as ‘sabe’, which means ‘knowledge’ in Portuguese. Perhaps because I am bi-lingual I am the only one that has analyzed the word ‘know’ in the manner!

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Thank you = tenkyu

Ema Dantas