The Importance of the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Translation Services

Language Marketplace takes pride in adhering to the National Guide for Community Interpreting services. This particular guide outlines the specific requirements for all parties involved in a particular interpretation service interaction to ensure quality and reliability. In particular, this guide focuses on community interpreting services which is done in a dialogue-like interaction. Ultimately, community interpretating services allows communication between LEP/LFP Speakers (Limited English/French Proficiency/Proficient) and healthcare, government, and other public services.

At Language Marketplace we believe it’s important to maintain the responsibilities outlined in this guide to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

Service Provider Responsibilities

As a service provider Language Marketplace is required to ensure that all interpreters are qualified and meet the requirements for the job. They must disclose the qualifications of the interpreter to the client to ensure it is a good match.

Once a match is made, it is the responsibility of the service provider to make sure that the client understands their responsibilities and how to work with an interpreter successfully.

As the match maker, the service provider also needs to provide the client with the agreement that specifies all terms, pricing, polices and any procedures needed to be followed for all assignments.

After all of the administrative work is taken care of and the interpreter is assigned, the service provider is required to give the interpreter a detailed breakdown of the assignment, ensure proper working conditions, and appropriate pay for the project.

The interpreter will then take over with their own set of responsibilities. 

Interpreter Responsibilities

The interpreter that is assigned to the project must faithfully deliver the interpretation between the two parties involved as best as possible. This means not omitting, adding or altering any of the words being spoken. Confidentiality is also a core component of the interpreter’s role.

It is expected that the interpreter constantly improves their skill set and participates in professional development whenever possible. This helps ensure that the interpreter is maintaining and improving their language competencies.

When the interpreter requires additional information or education, it is their responsibility to reach out to the service provider for assistance. They are also required to maintain a professional appearance and behaviour that is not limited to just showing up on time, but also includes the above-mentioned professional development.

Client Responsibilities

Not only does the service provider and interpreter have responsibilities to uphold under this guide, but the client also has responsibilities.

These responsibilities include advising the service provider of any risks or safety measures that need to be available to the interpreters during an event. This protects the interpreter from being placed in an unsafe situation. The client of course is then expected to uphold all standards of practice and ethical principles to ensure a good relationship with both the service provider and interpreter.

A client also needs to ensure that they follow the guidelines set out for them to ensure the interpreter is set up for success. This can include but is not limited to speaking slowly, avoiding complex sentences, not using slang and of course including pauses to allow the interpreter to digest all information.

When a client is able to adhere to all of the guidelines outlined alongside the responsibilities of the service provider and interpreter, it ensures the success of the event.

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