Why You Should Test Your Employees Other Language Skills

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Translation Services

As the world continues to expand with technology, medicine and so much more, so does the need for having employees that speak multiple languages.

Of course, hiring anyone that says they have the languages skills you need is not enough. Testing potential new hires allows you as a business to ensure you are hiring for success.

What is a Language Test?

You have likely heard of soft skills and hard skills. In the business world new hires are tested for both sets of skills. You may have soft skills tested in the form of an interview asking questions about how someone might deal with a difficult situation in the workplace. The opposite to this is a hard skills test that you may see in the form of a quiz.

A language test falls into the category of a hard skill. These tests can be done in a variety of ways such as written tests, oral tests and even performance/scenario-based tests. These tests assess the competency levels of the candidate, but there are also tests that help determine the candidate’s aptitude and proficiency. Of course, throughout the lifetime of the role you would also perform achievement and diagnostic tests to see where they may need to improve.

When to Test Your Candidate

Determining when you need to test your candidates is crucial to their success in your company. It all comes down to the priority of the role you are hiring for and how important is for this candidate to have a specific level of skills.

There are two common times to test you candidates. The first is to test your candidate during the application process. By asking your candidate to do testing during the application process allows you to filter out those that don’t meet your needs before you interview them.

The second way is to test your candidates after you have interviewed them and determined that they would be a good fit for your company. This would mean that you are assessing the candidate to see if they are worth putting through the language testing. Testing your candidate after their first interview allows you to only put those who you are interested through the testing which can save you costs.

Use Case Scenario

Here at Language Marketplace, we help other companies with their language assessments.

One way that we do this is for a government agency that needs to evaluate the language capacity of their potential candidates for their language departments. They have candidates that range from internal employees looking to switch departments, or external candidates that wish to join their team.

The employer provides us with the candidate’s information so that we can contact them and schedule the tests needed. This allows us to make a judgement on the candidate’s language capacity through oral, reading and writing assessments.

Once the tests are complete and evaluated, we are able to make a call on the candidate’s language capacity and provide the results to the employer.

Why Choose Language Marketplace

At Language Marketplace French is the most commonly requested language, but we provide this same service for other languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Polish and more. We also provide this service with virtual options through Zoom, Teams, WebEx and more.

What’s most important is that our service comes at a fraction of the cost than other industries. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you with your language assessment