The CAN / CGSB 131.10 Standard

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Translation Services

The Canadian General Standards Board created the CAN / CGSB-131.10 standard for Translation Services that was approved by the Standards Council of Canada. A certification was created for the standard to allow certified companies to ensure their clients that their business complies with all of the processes outlined within the standard. The standard itself establishes the requirements of translation services by translation service providers (TSPs). It’s important to note that this standard does not apply to interpreting or terminology services.

Why is this certificate important?

Being certified through the CAN / CGSB-131.10 shows your clients that you are committing to show up with professionalism and adhere to a specific standard to maintain integrity within the translation industry.

Having this certificate also offers many benefits to you as a translation service provider. You will have access to education that will help improve and organize your workflows, risk management, marking and even how to protect you or your business.

The best part is that people looking for translation services are more likely to go with a company that does uphold these standards.

What does the Standard include?

This national standard applies to many different departments through the translation industry. It starts with human resources where the standard upholds companies to follow documented procedures and competencies when assigning an employee to the project. This ensures that when you hire a company with this certificate you are always going to get someone with top notch experience on your project.

Each company with this certificate is required to uphold all technical competencies including how they store data, dispose of data, and protection of data through all software used. Of course, this also includes quality management to ensure that the handling process of all client documents follow the correct procedures for quality assurance.

When entering into a project with a translation company certified by this standard, you can guarantee that the client-service standards will be uphold including transparency, accurate quotes, appropriate timelines and quality analysis.

Choosing Language Marketplace

When searching for a translation company to take on your next project, it’s a no brainer to go with Language Marketplace because we are certified by CAN / CGSB 131.10 and practice these standards every day. If you are ready to get your project started, don’t delay and contact us today at info@languagemarketplace.com