Why You Should Back Up Your Website

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Translation Services

Having a website is a great tool to create brand awareness, increase sales and help you get seen by more potential customers. Those are only 3 great reasons to have a website as a business owner and as you can imagine there are many more. Despite the great reasons to have a website, it can also be an absolute nightmare if you lose your website data.

Here’s the thing – our websites are packed full of information for our customers that has likely taken hours, if not weeks to create. Losing this data can decrease your sales, damage brand awareness, and of course make it harder for people to find you.

Here are some other great reasons you should back up your website.

Prevent Loss of Data

This is the most important. At any time, something can happen in the wonderful world of the internet causing your site to go down. When this happens, it can be very hard to reverse without a backup. You may need to spend hours correcting the issue once you figure it out if you are the one who operates the site. If you contract out the back end up of your website, this might cause you a small fortune to have corrected.

By backing up your data you can restore the site back to the date of the backup. Most times this is as simply as clicking a button and waiting for everything to be restored. Depending on how often you back up your site will tell you how much data you might lose if something were to happen.

Hacker & Update Protection

A common problem with the internet is dealing with hackers. Sometimes it’s just a virus and other times it’s a hacker. When this happens data can be removed or altered. If you still have access to your site, you change the password and then restore using a backup. It’s important to note that this does not prevent people from hacking into your site and remove our access. It will just allow you to restore what was previously there when you have that access.

Owning a website also means that you need to perform updates on the software it’s running on. Depending on what platform your website runs on, you may also need to update widgets, apps and more. Sometimes when these updates perform your website can malfunction because it doesn’t support the new update. Before you do any updates, always perform a backup of your site first. That way if it does malfunction you can do a quick restore.

Correct Human Errors

We can’t forget about human errors. When anyone is working your site, one wrong click can change everything. Sometimes we don’t even know we did it, until days later when something isn’t working. If it’s an error you can’t seem to figure out, the best way to fix it is to restore to a backup. Anytime you are going to have work done on your site, you should always back it up first. This will help decrease your stress levels and the person who is working on it because you know you can fix it.

Backing Up Your Site Before a Translation

When you hire Language Marketplace to translate your website, you should always perform a backup first. After the translation has been added to the site, you should perform one more right away. If possible, label the first backup as the non-translated version and the new one as translated so you know the difference before performing a future restore.

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