Why Keyword Optimization is Important Even in Translations

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Translation Services

As a business your website should be packed full of keywords to help with your search engine optimization. The more the right words appear on your website, the easier and more frequently you rank on search engines across the world. The better you rank on the search engines, the more potential customers or clients you can bring into the business.

When you translate your website into different languages to reach a wider audience, you still need to ensure that keywords are present in the new languages to continue ranking on search engines across the world.

What is Keyword Optimization?

Your business should already have a marketing plan and if it doesn’t you should start there. In today’s world, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that will help your business get in front of your ideal customer or client. Any marketing strategy will involve keywords. In short, a keyword is a word or phrase that is commonly used or searched for within your industry.

For example, if you own a dog accessories company “dog collar” would be a popular keyword. Of course, there are different versions of this that can also be used such as “puppy collar”.

These keywords show up in your copy, your alt text and even the links to your website. This means that when your website is translated into different languages it’s important that these keywords are also translated into the appropriate one for that specific language. 

How to Create Keyword Translations

When having your content from your website or social media platforms translated into other languages, we need to make sure that the marketing strategy is carried over. This means that each language we translate into needs to keep the keyword translation the same.

To figure out what keywords from the primary language will translate to in the new language, a keyword analysis needs to be done in the new language. In order to ensure quality, we take the keywords from the primary language and cross reference them with the keywords in the new language.

It’s important to note that because words can take on different meanings in different languages that the keyword can change. This is why we need to understand what the keywords are in the other languages and match them up to those in the primary language before translating the entire project. After the analysis is complete, the entire project can be translated using the appropriate marketing strategy.

Increasing the Reach of Your Business

We’ve said it before, but we will say it again. Translating your website will increase the reach of your business. This means that you also increase the potential to bring in new customers or clients as you expand.

Without utilizing keyword optimization, you leave potential on the table. It’s important to provide your translator with the keywords you use within your marketing strategy, to help them integrate them back into the translation.

Use your keywords in every new language you translate to and you’ll be able to see an increase of traffic in no time on your site.

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