Why Hiring A Professional Translation Company Will Boost Your Business

by | May 27, 2021 | Translation Services

If you are currently thinking about starting some translation projects in your business to reach a wider audience, then read on.

Making the decision to work with a freelancer or with a professional translation company can be a tough one. With pros and cons to both options, we want to make sure you pick what’s best for you and your company.

Below we will explore why working with a professional translation company will help boost your business in today’s economy.


One of the most important parts of getting anything in your business translated is the accuracy. When you want a project in your business translated you want to be sure that the translation represents accurate information. This would include using the right words with the right definition to maintain the correct meaning and keep the overall concept of the project.

For example, if you are translating a poster for your business that is advertising a specific product that you sell, you wouldn’t want the translation to talk about an entirely different product.

When we use services such as Google Translate, we risk the accuracy because Google Translate does not take into account the idiosyncrasies or definitions of the translated language.

A professional translation company will ensure that the project is passed through different translators at different phases to ensure the accuracy of the entire project.

Project Management

When working with a freelancer you only get one person working on your project. They do the translation, editing and fact checking. With a professional translation company, you get one person per part of the project.

Each project is managed by a project manager when working with a professional translation company. This means that your project is passed through different stages to ensure the accuracy of the translation including those idiosyncrasies and facts.

By having your project managed, it increases the quality of the entire translation, which means better results for you and your business.


Accountability is everything when it comes to your business. You use accountability with yourself, your team and anyone else that comes into contact with your business. It helps keep the integrity of your business top notch and that’s exactly why you should use a professional translation company over freelance translation.

When a team of people is working on your project, they keep each other accountable. If someone needs to take time off, there is always someone else to step in to keep the project on track for deadlines. Another bonus is that the team itself has a manger to report to who is also keeping them accountable.

With accountability set up in all kinds of different ways, it allows the translators to stay professional and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

One Stop Shop

Looking for a new person every time you need to get a project translated can be exhausting. You never know who will have time for your project or the quality of what you are going to get if you need to work with someone new. Some freelancers may specialize in websites and others in video, meaning you will need to find different freelancers for each project.

Choosing to work with a professional translation company will eliminate all the stress of needing to find the perfect person for your project and future projects. A professional translation company will have tons of translators that specialize in different projects and languages, which means all you have to do is send in the project and let them take care of the rest.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you understand why working with a professional translation company is a great choice for you and your business, it’s time to get started with that project.

Here at Language Marketplace we value accuracy and professionalism, which is backed by our skilled project managers making our company your one stop shop for all business translations. Reach out today to get started.