Translation’s Role in the Language Industry

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Languages, Translation Services

The language industry is a sector that is concerned with the facilitation of multilingual communication in both oral and written forms. This is compromised of various activities like translation, interpretation, subtitling, dubbing and software development.

All of these activities are generally tied to the greater goal of globalization, and this is particularly seen online. The use of language technology, tools, teaching and more are examples of what has allowed us to successfully improve on aspects of the language industry such as conference interpretation and international consultancy.

The translation sector in particular has been affected positively, boosting a need for target-language text to become accessible to various areas of the world. This in some ways has unified many areas through worldwide communication, and in the process, strengthening the demand within the translation industry.

Popular languages

The increase in the demand of professional translation services is very high – particularly for translating English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. These are projected to remain as some of the most highly sought after languages in the translation industry.

Eastern languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are projected to stay in high demand as well. French and Arabic, along with other Middle Eastern languages, are also becoming some of the most popular languages to work with in the industry.

It’s beyond words

The mastery of translation doesn’t come necessarily from solely knowing many languages. It’s also a translator’s experience with bi-culturalism – their ability to situate the language into various contexts that makes cultural references and picks up on connotations – that ends up producing consistent and strong results.

Otherwise, translated language tends to fall into a collection of words strung into sentences that are governed by the rules of grammar and syntax, but remove a large aspect of its interconnections that make it feel human (a large issue with machine translations!)

Today, it’s crucial for companies to operate in many languages to maintain business-relations and global workforces. This is why professional translation services are necessary for ensuring that written materials are translated, proofread and well organized. Need some translation work completed? Get in touch with us today for a free quote!