The Basics of Subtitle Translation

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Productivity, Translation, Translation Services, Translation Technology

Subtitle translation is predominantly used for video work to translate content in real time to a desired language. Translators use their vast and deep knowledge on the language and material at hand as many videos do not come with scripts to work with. They must effectively retain the meaning of the context they are working with to translate the subtitles with detail and precision. Translation subtitling services by professional human translators allow you to have the right tone and voice for your video, and will ensure that the exact message is reflected in the style of the original text.

Why is it important?

Imagine that you are an airline and you need your in-flight video content to span a variety of languages. You will not only need to have multiple versions of the same video in different translations, you will need it to fit a variety of screen formats. This is something translation services can offer. They will work with your language needs along with your formatting needs to offer you a well-rounded service.

Translations must also be synchronized with video content to be comprehensible to the audience. Reading speed, characters-per-line, timing, positioning and other parameters all affect the readability of your subtitles. At Language Marketplace we use effective subtitling software to determine the correct length and accuracy for each video we work on.

Subtitle Translation formats

 Subtitle translation can be used for a range of platforms and can be used for live broadcasts, with outputs to many formats from HD to closed captioning. Other types of media translation subtitling are used for includes: recorded documentaries, TV broadcasts, corporative videos, educational materials, children’s films and feature films. Translation subtitling is also useful for online web content to reach a larger audience worldwide. Localized subtitles for web series, stream video content and real-time webcasts are examples of materials translation services work with.

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