In what language is the label written in?

by | May 15, 2017 | Creativity, Design, Languages

A recent visit to a Metro supermarket left a shopper wondering in what language was the label written in.

The culprit: The Portuguese Style Frozen Vegetable Mix, from Ferma is the cause of the bewilderment.

Language is written in a store label not clear in ANY language.

We tried figuring out where the issue originated, but we must say we are very confused.

The proper French and English translation of the product is on the product package itself, it should not have been difficult to re-write. However, in the store label, the word “Portuguese” is not properly translated into English if the store was trying to go for an exotic translation of the product name.  The three-word sentence would make no sense in a proper sentence if this label was supposed to use the proper Portuguese translation.  Nor was the label properly translated into French, if this was supposed to be a French label, because we have the English word ‘mix’ on the label. And last, even if they were going for a ‘mixed’ English and French label, the word Portuguese is misspelled in French.




What language were they going for with the label?

I want to believe that this poor written label is an example of how foreign languages intimidate some people and that is the reason we provide proper translation into and from any ‘other language’. I am not going to believe that Metro has such unskilled staff, whom cannot simple spell, and that they don’t care about their image with customers.

Want to weigh in?  Your thoughts are appreciated.