Four of Our Best “How to Learn Japanese Language” Products Revealed

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Translation

To learn the local language of Japan, there is bound to be a great challenge to anybody, especially when it has alphabets and grammatical system that is completely different from those of any Western language. As with learning any language it takes time and practice. Self-learning language software has, however, makes it easier for students that wish to learn Japanese language into busy schedules and work at their own pace. This is an overview of the popular language products right now:

Complete Japanese Learning Suite

Another learning system, the Complete Japanese Learning Suite, has received praise for their very complete curriculum and their innovative use of video, accurately demonstrating the correct use of words.


They have however received criticism for not including study material outlining the use of the three Japanese alphabets, which would lead to students being able to speak Japanese but not receiving full tuition in reading it.

Rosetta Stone

Another system, the Rosetta Stone Japanese language course system, received praise from reviewers for their intuitive approach to learning the by using image-word association techniques and a speech-recognizing system instead of lists of vocabulary and grammar rules to memorize.


In contrast, students who followed the system favored by the Pimsleur Approach to learn Japanese language, have complained that one needs to have to know some Japanese to find your way around. The Pimsleur System promises students that they will be able to speak Japanese in 10 days. It is a well-established system with much proven success in the “instant” learning of several languages. It works on the principle that most languages only use about 2500 words and phrases and that by knowing these it is possible to make fluent conversation and is very focused on listening and speaking rather than writing and reading.


It does complicate matters, as self-learning students would have to rely on their own hearing to figure out pronunciation, as there are no textbooks to explain these aspects in print. The Pimsleur System is, in addition, much more expensive than the Rocket Japanese language course.

Rocket Language Course

Several Japanese self-learning courses are available at present – all promising fast learning and understanding. By using The Rocket Japanese Language Course, a dedicated student can learn basic Japanese in 6 days. This very popular and affordable Japanese language course is made up of conversation-, grammar- and cultural lessons. All are all illustrated and come with audio clips accurately explaining new words and phrases. Transcripts of the conversation lessons are supplied in English and Japanese to make it easier to follow and understand and bring the words and the symbols of the new alphabets together.


This seems to be an all round good program that covers all the basics when it comes to courses designed to help users learn; Any language needs to be heard, read and spoken to gain a complete understanding.


Reviewers have said that the Rocket system to learn Japanese language is not only affordable but could also be differentiated from other products that taught only “instant travel Japanese.” They described the system as organized, detailed and practical and praised it for clearing up the confusion generally caused by the peculiarities of Japanese. The Rocket learn Japanese language system also provides students with comprehensive illustrations explaining how the three Japanese alphabets work. It also provides material for students who wishes to further their studies to an advanced level.