Everyone has their WHY

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Activity

Having the courage to go after big goals and dreams is HARD. Translation: it’s scary and frustrating and sometimes even miserable. But the reason we don’t give up is because we have found our WHY, which is bigger then ourselves.

My personal why has been the privilege of being at the helm of an international translation company, Language Marketplace. We are ethical, provide excellent translation and interpretation services, but we also give back to our community and have for 18 years.

Language Marketplace is a generous sponsor of Peaks for Change Foundation, which along with myself and other volunteers, we are working hard to make 7 Summits for Mental Health a success and raise funds for CAMH and their new Acute Care Center, while trying to end the stigma on Mental Health.

As corporate citizens it is our duty to help our community. Mental Health affects us all.

I am afraid of heights. But I think the best way—maybe the only way—to find the motivation to do hard things, to stretch outside our comfort zones and to persevere even when the going gets tough, cold and uncomfortable—is to get clear about our reasons. It won’t necessarily make things easier, but it will make the pain worth it.

Living with one of many mental illnesses made my recent climb to the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus worthwhile. Because the struggles that any mental illness imposes on us our families and friends, is a huge mountain to climb.

But one step at a time, we can reach the Summit. One step at a time, we can end the stigma on Mental Health. Visit Peaks for Change’s website and read the blogs. Maybe your WHY is to join at a next event, or to simple donate.


Written by,

Ema Dantas

President and CEO, Language Marketplace