3 Things You Should Translate at Your Brick & Mortar

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Translation Services

Having your website and other online materials translated is great, but when you own a brick & mortar there are tons of items you should have translated too. It doesn’t matter if you own a bakery, a restaurant, a home goods store, or even a jewellery store – there are always items that can be translated to make your space more accessible.

Here are 3 things that you can get started with translating at your brick & mortar.


Look around your brick & mortar. How many signs do you see? You’ll have exit signs, entrance signs, restroom signs, signs for product and so much more. In Canada, you will notice that a lot of these signs are translated from English to French and vice versa. If you live in an area that serves a population with a different language you want to make sure your signs can be read by in their primary language as well where possible.

Signs can be translated in a variety of creative ways to help keep the look and feel of your brick & mortar.


Inside a brick & mortar you may find different types of pamphlets. There can be some that help shed light on how a product works or just one that talks more about the store/restaurant itself with contact information etc. A business card can also fall into this category as its primary purpose is to deliver information, just like a pamphlet.

Having pamphlets translated allows more people to access the information. It also allows your customers or clients to be more intrigued to read the pamphlet because it’s in their primary language.

Just like the signs, pamphlets can be translated in creative ways to help keep your branding alive.


When it comes to restaurants or anyone who serves food, a menu is involved. Sometimes they are up on a wall behind the counter, on a piece of paper or in true menu form. Regardless of where or how the menus are viewed, having them translated will help your customers or clients choose what they would like to order.

You can offer different menus in different languages for those who need it instead of trying to fit everything in one space. Having the option will allow your customers or clients to choose which menu is the best for them.


By translating your signs, pamphlets, and menus in your brick & mortar you are increasing the probability of some great benefits. The first is being more inclusive. When you do this, you automatically create a better customer/client experience. Naturally when you provide a better experience, you will see increased foot traffic. People talk and when the experience is good, more people want to experience it. Of course, this means increased sales!

Overall, having your signs, pamphlets and menus translated will bring positive rewards to your business. Reach out today to get started.