Why Social Responsibility is Important as a Business

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Translation Services

As individuals we look at finding ways to contribute to our communities and how we can  better our own lives and those of others. Sometimes, what we really want to do to contribute to our communities isn’t possible without the help of businesses.

Social responsibility means that as individuals and as a business we have a duty to do whatever we can to keep the best interests of our environment, communities and our society. By partaking in social responsibility, it can ultimately increase the value of your business for several reasons.

A Better Brand Image

Although you may already have a really great brand and image for your business, you can always make it better. As consumers we tend to make purchases from larger companies that we know have a great mission, vision and values. Within that framework we know these companies are giving back to their community in some way. They talk about it often, show us the results, and ultimately make us want to support them more.

Here’s a good example: We’ve all seen on TV when airlines decide to give back to families over the holidays. They fly people for free across the world to see family they haven’t seen in a long time as a surprise. We get to follow along the winner’s journey and get to feel all the warm fuzzies with them.

Of course, not every airline does this. This means that if as a consumer you saw the above example you are more likely to support that airline over an airline that didn’t do anything because you too want to be a part of giving back.

Now, imagine your company in the position of the airline. You’ve found an opportunity to support your community and your competitors aren’t doing it. Suddenly your brand is top of mind of your consumers.

There’s a catch though. You can’t start being socially responsible just because you want your business to gain traction or grow. You must do it because you are passionate about who you are helping, and it fits with your business. Do it all from the heart.

Giving Back

Here at Language Marketplace we have our own corporate social responsibility policy in place to ensure we are always giving back to our community in any way we can. One of the charities we support the most is Peaks For Change Foundation. You can check out more of what we have done in the past here.

This upcoming holiday season, we are placing our focus on children. We will be working closely with Samaritans Purse to provide 10 shoe boxes for the children. Each box is filled with toys, clothes, toothbrushes, pens, pencils and whatever else would be helpful for a child but also that would bring a child some joy. These boxes are then shipped to children in third world countries.

Our mission is to  help our communities. Be charitable, kind, giving and help those less fortunate than us. However our main goal will continue for the foreseeable fortune be one that is of supporting our communities in their mental health wellbeing, by continue to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy mind, and supporting organizations that work for that end.

Giving back to your community is meant to be a fun, uplifting activity that helps bring light into other people’s lives that may be less fortunate. It doesn’t matter how you choose to give back, as long as you do it.