Top 5 Reasons You Should Translate Your Website in 2020

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Translation Services

When starting a business and getting your website complete it’s exciting. You finally nailed down the one thing that will give your customers or clients a clear representation of your brand. Ultimately, your website is about to be one of the main sellers of your product or services. But there is one small thing you may have never considered. Not everyone NEEDS to have their website translated into different languages, but there are a ton of benefits if you do.

Here are our top five reasons that you should translate your website:

1.   Expand Your Brand Abroad

When you first build your website, your primary is focus is generally on attracting customers or clients that are within your geographic region. For example, if you live in Canada you may only focus on Canadian business. However, by translating your website you give yourself the opportunity to expand your client base into international waters. This is great if you are ready to expand your brand further than you could have ever imagined.

2.   Shipping Products Internationally

Even with a product-based business it’s important to consider who your customers are. If you noticed that you have a ton of buyers from a country that speaks a different primary language, you may want to make it more accessible to them. You can do this by translating your website to their primary language. From here you will naturally attract more customers and likely from other places in the world as they notice your inclusivity.  Stay on top of your analytics so you know what language to translate to next.

3. Your Competitors Have Multilingual Sites

How often do you take a look what your competitors are or not are not doing? If they already have multilingual sites that means that your ideal client appreciates its and looks for it. Perhaps your competitors don’t have multilingual sites – this is good! You can set the trend in your industry by being the first one to have your site translated into different languages, ultimately attracting more people to your site.

4. It’s The Law

In some places in the world it’s the law to have your website in multiple languages. Generally, his happens when a country has more than one primary language. Often times those who live there only speak one of the primary languages, but are required to provide their business information in multiple languages. Don’t let this stop you from starting your business. Just get it translated!

5. SEO Benefits

Looking for more traction around the internet? You can do this by translating your website and having your keywords show up in multiple languages on search engines. This is great if you are looking to increase traffic on your site and of course more sales!

As you can see there are tons of benefits to having your website in multiple languages. You can have just two or as many as you want. The key is to stay focused on the languages of your current audience and then expand as your audience does. When you are ready to start translating you can contact us for a free quote.