The Benefit of On-Demand Telephone Interpretation

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Businesses are continuing to expand their market to reach more people around the world. With that comes a set of challenges that not all businesses are prepared for. The usual areas here involve logistics for product companies, marketing, and of course taxes. However, one of the biggest areas that is overlooked is communication, especially when it comes to languages. Being able to communicate with others efficiently and effectively as your business expands is the key to success. One way you can do this is with on-demand telephone interpretation.

What is On-Demand Telephone Interpretation

What was once a service reserved for hospitals to assist in patient care and for 911 calls, on-demand telephone interpretation is a service that is now readily available and helps businesses communicate with their clients, employees, investors, and partners in a more inclusive way when it comes to language barriers. The service allows multiple parties with language barriers to connect in real time without having to record the audio for a transcript and have it translated later.

On-demand telephone interpretation is done by connecting you, your client, and an interpreter on one call. Once connected the interpreter can communicate between you and your client using a thought-by-thought format. This keeps things clear for all parties allowing you to complete your call with ease and many other benefits.

Benefit Of On-Demand Telephone Interpretation

There are quite a few benefits that you can capitalize on when you start using on-demand telephone interpretation in your business. We know it’s important to keep be cost-effective when running a business and that’s exactly why this service will help you. By having the call interpreted (verbally translated) in real time you not only save time. Calls can also be record and translated later if you need a transcript to send out to all parties involved, or for legal reasons.

Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll also increase the effectiveness of your communication as a business. You’ll no longer need to have several meetings, emails, calls etc. because one call can be had with all parties no matter what language they speak. This means that’s your meetings will be more efficient allowing your company to move projects along faster.

With a more cost-effective and time saving approach, your business will be able to grow faster than you think.

How Language Marketplace Can Support your On-Demand Telephone Interpretation Needs

Now that you understand the basics of what on-demand telephone interpretation is and how it can support your business – we bet you are wondering how we can help.

At Language Marketplace we can provide services in more than 110 languages for on-demand telephone interpretation needs. Our rates vary per language, but there is no minimum charge for you to use this service. The process is as simple as contacting us today to get an account set up. From there you can access our on-demand telephone interpretation services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

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