The Importance of Quality in Professional Translation Services

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Translation, Translation Services


When it comes to translation services, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. The quality of translation work is crucial as it directly affects the perception of a business or institution. The art of translation is all about the details; from the content itself to formatting elements like the choice of font and its spacing.

Here are some key attributes to consider when seeking out quality translation services.

Quality Assurance

Whether carried out by a firm or by an individual, translation services must have a Quality Assurance (QA) method in place. Too many translation service providers overlook words that can have multiple meanings, mistranslate idioms and present clients with unprofessional outcomes. This commonly happens because the translator has chosen to use a literal translation method, which can automatically omit several important details -especially when it comes to more complex language translations.

At Language Marketplace, our QA method is carried out by using native language translators who are experienced in the culture of the language they are translating to. This is highly important as the experience of cultural localization not only increases word accuracy, but it allows for the translator to pick up on the idiosyncrasies of the language to convey messages as effectively as possible.

This is especially crucial in the field of product labeling and localization. Many people choose to cut corners by using tools such as Google Translate for their product labels and packaging. In some cases, the companies who design and print the packaging will offer translation services as well – often at a lower cost than professional translators. This often results in poor translations, which can hurt sales and brand awareness. On top of that, a company might not even realize they have a bad translation on their products until they enter a certain market -what might be overlooked in the rest of Canada would not work in Quebec, for example. We’ve often been hired to remedy these situations and helped ensure that a product line is properly localized to its target market.

Knowing Your Target Audience

Aside from word accuracy, idiosyncrasies and design elements, knowing your target audience is one of the most crucial aspects in the art of translation. This component is significant in providing accurate translations that are appropriate for the demographic or social context. In the case of government institutions for instance, plain language techniques and standards like the CGSB131.10, the Government Standard for Translation Services, help to maintain clear communications across the board and provide consistency and clarity in documents and texts.

Knowing your Field(s)

It’s also crucial that professional language translators are experienced in the specific field(s) that concerns your business or institution. In many cases, not all translators will be well versed in your field. Hiring a professional translation firm increases your chances of finding the right translator who is armed with industry-specific knowledge for the project.

In the end, the importance of quality in professional translation services goes beyond word accuracy as it takes many other attributes into consideration. This mix of fine details is recognized by our diverse team at Language Marketplace. Our experienced translators are qualified native linguists who provide high-quality certified translation services, proofreading, document formatting and desktop publishing.

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