How to Setup Your Workspace for Success

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Translation Services

Having a workspace that you enjoy is super important for success. It doesn’t matter if your workspace is at home or at the office.  The important part is that you setup your space so that it’s just right for YOU. This is because when we work in a space that we don’t enjoy, our productivity levels automatically decline and so does our mood. When you have a workspace that you enjoy being in you will feel better and have more success.

Keep reading to find out some great steps to take to make sure your workspace is setup for success.

Simple Ergonomics

Yes, ergonomics is VERY important, and we need to integrate them into our workspace. Think about it – how much are you really going to get done if you are working on a project while sitting in an uncomfortable chair, cranking your neck upwards to see your screen, and your body is in an awkward position? Not a whole lot and if you do manage to accomplish anything, you’ll be left in pain and not want to do anymore.

Let’s flip the switch. Imagine sitting in a chair that is super comfortable, your eyes meet your screen at the perfect height and nothing in your body is aching from awkward sitting. How much work did you get done this time?  Safe to say probably a lot more than the first situation and you are feeling a lot better.

Ergonomics can be a bit overwhelming, so start with a few small things:

  1. Get a good chair that fits your whole body comfortably.
  2. Make sure your desk or tabletop is at a height where your arms can reach the keyboard without extension or having to use your shoulders to hold your arms up. Your feet should sit perfectly on the ground, with your arms aligned on the tabletop.
  3. Invest in a good monitor riser. You want your monitor or laptop to sit at eye level. You should not be looking down, up, or to the side.

 Now that you have the ergonomics set up, get ready to get organized.

Clear the Clutter

A cluttered spaced can lead to a cluttered mind. Think of all the items that are out of place as an extra tab open in your mind. The more items out of place, the more open tabs, the more chaotic you feel. Staying organized with your workplace will help you stay on task without distractions.

There are tons of different items you can purchase for your workspace to help you stay organized, especially if you don’t have drawers. If you do have drawers, don’t let them get messy either. Keep them organized with drawer organizers and keep your most used items in the top drawers.

If you are without drawers, investing in some desktop organization items will be a great help. There are tons of cool items that can help you organize notebooks, writing instruments, post-it notes, and even odds and ends like paperclips.

 You may also opt for some multi-functioning items to help you stay organized. For example, there are lots of laptop/monitor risers that also have storage compartments and a place to hold your phone.

One great tip is to make sure your desk is clean at the end of your workday. This way when you start working the next day it’s clean, organized, and ready for you to be productive.

Make your Workspace Unique

Having an ergonomic, organized workspace is great – but making it your own is even better.

We often feel that our workspace needs to just represent work, meaning that we can only have our work notebooks, pens, mugs etc. Whether you are working from home or in the office adding some flare to your space is going to help increase your productivity.

Depending on where you work will determine how much decorating you can really do. Either way just make sure you have fun with it. We suggest choosing a theme or an aesthetic you really love and go from there.

You can get all your organizational items to be similar colours and even get some matching pens. Adding in a desk mat for your keyboard and mouse is a great way to bring some personality to your space as they come in a variety of fun patterns and colours.

Another great way to make your space unique is to add photos, indoor plants, and even some motivational quotes to keep you inspired.

Make sure to add things to your workspace that does not add to the clutter, but rather lifts your spirits and makes you feel good. The possibilities are endless.

Putting it Into Action

Now that you understand a few of things that can help you setup your workplace for success, it is time to put it into action.

Start slow and go with one thing at a time. Focus on ergonomics first, then decluttering and then making it your own.

Remember to have fun with the entire process!