Freelance Translation Vs Agency Translation – What’s the Difference?

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Translation

The choice to hire a freelance translator or utilize a translation agency could have a dramatic impact on the standard plus precision of the product we get. That’s why it’s significant to learn what we receive whenever we hire an agency, plus what you might not receive in the event you go with a freelance translator.

First, you should define the terms: Freelance translators are independent translators that function about projects about their own. These are typically their own employers plus usually function alone. An agency, by comparison, is a company with several employees that are accessible to take on projects. The agency hires employees plus verifies their credentials.

Choosing to go with a freelancer or an agency has its positive plus damaging factors thus any choice we create ought to be dependent on your condition. Hiring an agency is commonly the greatest way whenever speed plus standard count nevertheless selecting to go with a contracted freelancer is beneficial however, more function is needed to oversee the freelancer’s function. With an agency, this might be all handled for we.

Agencies have multiple qualified translator functioning for them, meaning which the agency aren’t “too busy” to take about a project throughout peak need. Because of their stable of employees, agencies will equally handle bigger projects by assigning translation groups to split the function. What does this mean to we? For instance, in the event you have a big project with a tight deadline a freelance translator will just translate because quick because humanly potential. You may receive the translation back about time however, it might be inclined to mistakes or apparent errors considering there was clearly no chance for proofreading. One thing you need to usually anticipate from a translator is an exact portrayal of the spirit of the document without mistakes plus omissions. This really is specifically important whenever dealing with technical verbiage or binding legal documents where errors prepared are more severe.

As a outcome, agencies are usually more flexible than freelancers, plus they may usually guarantee function sooner than an individual functioning alone. Many importantly, with an agency, you are able to make sure of the translator’s abilities considering the agency might have tested plus confirmed the translator’s abilities. Lastly, if the customer isn’t pleased, agencies provide accountability plus treatments to change translations to satisfy customer requirements.

By compare, freelancers don’t have the same accountability considering they function just for themselves. It’s frequently difficult to check the standard of a independent translator, plus they are not about call because usually because a fully-staffed agency. Lastly, freelancers usually utilize an inflexible cost list, whilst agencies are big enough to provide flexible pricing. A freelance translator can be practical inside a condition where we have the time, knowledge plus experience to function with a translator plus keep him about track. For several projects, with less deadlines, plus standard assurance an agency will be more suited to the task.

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