A Year in Review

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Translation Services

There are too many words that we could use right now to describe 2020.

It’s been a year full of ups, downs, uncertainty, and of a whole lot of confusion.

We’ve fought against a virus, against racism, and even celebrated the lives of some incredible people.

Through it all there has been many fun lessons learned. Of course, one of the firsts was learning how to adapt to being at home, not going outside, and for many of us teaching our kids.

Most notably, one of the best lessons learned this year is how to communicate over the internet, while staying professional.

Bring on all the lessons from Zoom.

There are tons of memes, videos, and stories all over the internet of adapting to the online conference world with Zoom. There are funny stories, hacking stories, and even stories of pure joy – especially all of the virtual parties!

One fun lesson for Language Marketplace was helping other companies around the world continue to do their business in an online world. This involved utilizing interpretation services while doing a Zoom conference.

Our team rose to the challenge and absolutely blew it out of the park with their incredible support doing interpretation (both consecutive and simultaneous) over Zoom. Our clients were thrilled, and everyone was able to continue building their businesses, with us as their support.

We won’t say we did not have a few bumps on the road during this transition, but our previous experience in providing remote interpretation during the last decade certainly helped and it was fun.

At the end of the day, we know this isn’t over. There are more lessons to be learned, more fun stories to share and more pivots businesses will have to make. Through it all, just remember that Language Marketplace is here to support you through all of your language and translation and interpretation needs throughout 2021.

We are all in this together.